heroic cat

Cat Neighbourhood

Fine Feline Living

Why live in a world designed for humans when you can live in Cat Neighbourhood? Never again get yelled at for licking your junk on the kitchen counter. Never again cower in fear under a chair as a toddler tries to yank your tail. Never again get rudely awoken from a 6 hour nap to be moved or to provide amusement for humans. Tired of eating dry catfood? Has your human tried to put clothes on you? Live in a place designed for cats by cats. Once you curl up on our welcome matt, you're home!


I wouldn't live anywhere else now. It's even better than a cardboard box!
Fluffy McFlufferson
Everything I own is covered in cat hair
Cecile Parker, Lap-a-Teria volunteer
Do you dream of a place where someone feeds you tuna while rubbing your tummy? Don't just dream it, go there!
Colonel Meow
They won't let me in.
Larry Dimitrios, cat-hater
I hunt all day and my neighbour lies inside watching CatTV all day. My pal alternates between scratching, sleeping in the park and licking his junk all day. We're the cats who got the cream.